The New Office Wardrobe

The New Office Wardrobe

Meet Your Corporate Dress Code & Goals With Fashion

Corporate Fashion Is Important But You Have To Be Careful About The Formal Dress Code. Here Find The Guide On How To Perfectly Get A Long With Both.In the past ten years, the corporate dress code for regular professional office environments has remained basically unchanged. Except for changes in fashion trends and a more relaxed atmosphere in certain industries, the rules have not changed much. Men have collared shirts or polo shirts, no short skirts or skirts, no ruffled clothes, clean covered shoes, and no unfit clothing. This is a common-sense dressing technique that we have learned from experience over the years. Every dress code policy is unique to every company. Once the brand has grown, the best way to solve this problem from above is to use company uniforms. This is also a good brand strategy for more reasons than you think.

“Dress Shabbily & They Remember The Dress, Dress Impeccably & They Remember The Women.” 

Coco Channel From the perspective of uniform manufacturers and suppliers, one thing that companies have always highlighted when creating uniform wardrobes is that most women tend to wear dresses rather than shirts and pants or skirts. It is a natural instinct for women to choose more feminine choices. In the past, there were far fewer dressing options for uniforms, because most company dresses were standard minimalist styles to meet office fashion requirements. Now, the uniform industry is using more the creativity of tailoring to design a series of fashionable corporate dresses.

Shift dress

The most popular business formal uniform. This is a dress with clean lines. Shift dresses must fall directly from the shoulders and have darts at the bust line. Although the modern shift dress is not as invisible as the original style from the 1960s, the idea is that it does not accentuate the waist, making it suitable for most body types. It reaches the knee, or no more than an inch above the knee. In the Australian weather, the most popular straight dresses are sleeveless (pictured), but they can also have short sleeves or short sleeves. Straight dress usually adopts a high collar or a boat neckline to divert attention from the chest. In addition, turtleneck sweaters always look delicate.

Sheath dress

The sheath has the simplicity of a straight dress, but because it is usually attached to the top of the corset and skirt, it is cut more slender when pulled to the waist. It is suitable for straight or slightly alien style shapes, with lengths ranging from above the knee to medium length. Some of our tight dresses include Elliot (pictured), Audrey and V-neck business dresses, which are included in our various suit collections. This type of dress is very suitable for dinner day and night or drinks after get off work.

Long midi dress

The most conservative business dress-can be worn alone or with a range of your matching outfits. The mid-length dress is longer than our other uniform dresses and ends between the ankles and knees, usually around the calves. They don’t look like tight dresses. The two most common mid-length dresses we offer are the extended mid-length dress and the open-neck soft knit suit. The sleeves of both are looser than ordinary straight dresses or bodycon dresses.

Fashion Business Casual Dress

The fashionable (and most comfortable) casual shirt dress is the disruptor of formal business uniforms. Shirt-style neckline and front buckle show corporate charm; however, the loose fit, slightly stretchy material, and matching fabric waistband add a stylish and casual touch, whether it’s with high heels or clean athletic shoes. The comfort and versatility of the shirt dress make it one of our best-selling products. There is also a convenient large pocket on the side, which can store your smartphone or rest your working hands. The custom shirt skirt is a product option in our custom shirt plan, so you can choose the fabric, the sleeve length, and even add a contrast decoration, which is very suitable for creating unique designs to enhance your brand. The wool-blend corporate dress belonging to our bespoke collection is also the only other dress with pockets. They are perfectly placed on the front as large flat pockets. There is also a wrap dress: Paris, we think this is an elegant and casual design. The best part is that you don’t need to iron. Just wash and air dry, and you can start packing and
Here is the complete guide on what you can use to formally yet fashionably meet your office goals. Follow VizApparel custom apparel manufacturing to introduce the best design to your store this summer and coming winters.

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