We run a non-profit NGO that helps underprivileged women start their clothing brands, and every time we need a trusted brand partner, Viz Apparel is our go-to option. 

Maureen Ladner

Our rotary club girls love the t-shirt designs they get. One good option is that they let you order as low as 30 pieces. 

Tanya Macdonald

Britney and the team are amazing. They managed to design, manufacture, and deliver within such a short deadline and our budget.

Benjamin Romero

Order delivery within 22 days – this is huge!

Billy Towe

Viz Apparel has been our organization’s consistent partner for any event. We enjoy the perfect design and apparel quality we receive at each turn.

Samuel Springer

Being a picky professional, I like it when services work as per the criteria. Viz Apparel Tacks Packs are fabulous service addition. They give us control of orders. 

Wilson Bow