terms conditions

Viz Apparel requests all existing and regular customers to thoroughly read and agree to all our business terms & conditions before settling with us on any professional terms. Viz apparel holds all the authority to make any unannounced changes in the following policy. 

Declaration For Customer’s Privacy

We are committed to protect & keep in confidence all the data (designs, models, tech pack, fabric & other order details) given to us by our customers. Only the authorized ‘officially’ hired employees working for the brand Viz Apparel will be directed to use it on a need-to-know basis for order delivery. We ensure ultimate high-end security for our customers. However, we are bound by law to reveal any information for any legal matters, if required.

Customer’s Design Non-Disclosure Term

Our customer’s satisfaction with our work means a lot to us. We believe in setting our bars high in service. Our goal is constructive competition with our customers. We proudly present our work portfolio on the website, that’s why.

None of our customers’ designs are added to the website or any other social platform if they didn’t permit us.

Only the clients who are in continuous business with us, want us to market their product through our platform, we would be more than happy to do it for them.

Product Marketing

We always go for mutual growth with our clients. This is the reason why we come up with multiple methods to promote our customers business. This lets our customers target their potential audience more easily, which results in more sales. We also help them market their brand or product by doing other promotional activities.


We want our clients to know that their information is highly confidential and not cost-shared with any third party. This information is only provided to the manufacturer(s). Our customers can request a copy of any of their previous data if they need it. (Make sure to provide us the notice in advance.) Clients on the other side are also requested to keep copies of all the literature issued from our side. It’s for the benefit of both parties. For Viz Apparel management, customers trust holds immense importance. We take all the necessary measures so that trust is not violated.

Delivery Charges & Others

We use the courier service that seems best for the location of delivery. All the customers must know that we DONOT take the guarantee of their order delivery as the shipping company takes this. You can always track your order with the provided information.

We progressively notify our customers about their order progress. However, it is their ultimate responsibility to track their order with provided tracking ID.

Customers must note that we ship the orders, so our customers don’t go through any hassle. Viz Apparel isn’t accountable for any lost shipment.

In case of any loss shipment, you will have to pay us for its manufacturing if you need your product again. Also, in any case, if the shipping company doesn’t refund the shipping charges, that will have to be paid too.

Order Cancelation 

We request our customers to place their orders once they are completely sure with their intentions and our terms. We create custom orders directed especially towards our client’s needs. So order cancellation after weeks leave us a huge loss. If customer for some reason want to cancel their order, they can only do it within two (2) days. After that, they cannot cancel their order, be it in any nature, and even if it’s done, the customer will not be getting any refund.

Order Summary Confirmation 

Our customers get the order summary for approval within 48-hours after we receive the payment confirmation. If, in any case, our customers failed to provide us the confirmation on the order, the order will be automatically ‘on-hold status. After a month-long time, we cancel your order.

Product Delivery Issues

Our customers are requested to double-check all the contact information, just in case to avoid any errors. Also, we expect our clients to share the complete address with the correct postal code for address details. It is also our customer’s responsibility to be available in person for order receiving.

We take no responsibility for orders that fail to be received or delivered on account of an incorrect delivery address given to us by the client. However, suppose the address provided by our customers is found invalid, closed, or inaccessible by the postal service at the time of delivery. In that case, the customer will be held responsible for that.

Refund Policy 

Your product goes through strict quality control and is prepared following our customers provided order details to the T. This is why we always emphasize enough on order summaries. If, in any case, we have to make any changes in order during the production process, our customers will be notified immediately of their concerns.

Viz Apparel, at any cost, DOES NOT accept any returns or refunds on any customized goods.

Viz Apparel has a decent refund policy for their customers. We provide refunds if customer ask for refund before fabric approval and sample shipment. It is because, once the swatches are approved, we buy the fabric from the open market in bulk quantity.

There is a limitation when it comes to fabric out sourcing and that is, we need to buy the fabric for at least 30 pieces per color and design. Once that fabric is utilised in sample creation, it cannot be returned.

If customer demands a refund after receiving a sample, only 40% of the amount will be refunded because the 60% amount is utilised in fabric out sourcing, panel creation, digitizing, sample making and shipment.

Product Amendment 

Just in case customers need any changes in the final product (garment or design), they can request it through proper email or call. We would need your proper email mentioning the previous change and requesting the new one.

Also, please note that we can only accept changes as long as the sample has not been approved for bulk production.

Just in case the product is shipped, and still, the customer asked for some changes, we will cater to it, but the customer will have to pay for the re-shipment and production.

Order Progress

Customer will be notified continuously about their order progress on each step until the product is shipped.

On customer’s wishful desires, we can also update the customer with images and videos of the product.

Turnaround Time

The product turnaround time starts after we receive the approval on the order summary. This order summary is emailed to customers within 24-hours.

Delay In Production Process

Customers must understand that we manufacture apparel based on your tailored instructions. Our aim is always to avoid any mistakes and confusion throughout the process. This is the reason why our relationship manager and brand heads are in continuous communication with customer until the order is shipped. So the delay in production is sometimes also based on this.

This is why the standard shipping time given to all customers is 22-days. If the entire process is smooth and there is no delay in response for the customer side, the order is completed.