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Thriving In The Beachwear Industry Has Never Been So Easy

VizApparel is a full service high quality swimwear manufacturer & a sourcing brand. We help you find the right fabric, dye, pattern or whatsoever you are looking for. Our brand has access to the state of the art machinery & extremely talented personnel. We specialize in the production of private label activewear segment. For your bikinis –we can help with pattern making, designing, sampling, and embroidery of all types, fabric finding, and full packaging. Start your own private label customized swimwear line and let us assist you with every step of the way as you begin this exciting journey. Let us help you bring your dream production line to reality.

 During the summer time, US sees nothing but exciting colors on its coastal line. And here we make sure that we catch all the latest trend. Classic, sexy, trendy or simply stylish beach wears never go out style. We help you manufacture all – from modest one-piece bikini to skimpy bikinis, men’s board shorts, VizApparel just easily got all your swimwear manufacturing covered. We are all inclusive brand, it means you don’t have to find a separate women and mens swimwear manufacturers as we facilitate with all.

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