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Nation Pride – Fire Departments US

Custom Embroidery Patches & Uniforms Are All Made With Extreme Care For Our National Heroes. VizApparel Stands The Best When It Comes To Emergency Outfits Manufacturing.If you are on a verge to start a brand that truly represents the fire fighter spirit and sell the customized apparel or the embroidery patches for our heroic uniform themes, then let us congratulate you already. We want you to know that VizApparel clothing manufacturer already facilitates with the production of Fire Fighters uniforms and customized embroidery options.

All Men Were Created Equal, Then The Few Become The Firemen.

1,115,000 estimated has been reportedly been on duty or volunteering for the good cause of the nation. These heroes has been continuously on duty risking their lives to save our valuable lives and items.
Fire station patch design is an important part of station friendship and creativity! Firefighters and EMS employees in the United States spent a lot of time at fire stations during their shifts. These employees have built strong bonds of friendship by risking their lives to serve the community together. This connection is embodied in patches, t-shirts and other product or mascot logos designed by the station.
Each station proudly displays its logo to the world! When designing their signs, fire departments often find things related to their stations or cities. However, this is not always the case, as many stations choose something interesting or unique for their logo. Take possibly the most famous fire department in the world as an example: the New York City Fire Department, or FDNY. Many independent FDNY stations have posters, or the devil girl riding a huge fire truck on the “Wheel of Hell.” Even though they are all part of the New York Fire Department, they still design separate signs for their specific stations.
A common fire department patch design is the cross of the holy Florian, the patron saint of firefighters. According to legend, Saint Florian extinguished a fire with just a bucket of water and saved a town from destruction. Saint Florian was about to be executed, he challenged the soldiers who lit the fire and told them: “If you do this, I will ride the flames up to heaven.” Florian’s cross is integrated into your patch or logo.
This is an iconic design that can be recognized at a glance in the memory of firefighters. When it comes to the patch design of the fire department, the patches at many stations use the same logo. Fire and EMS employees wear these patches on their uniforms for everyone to see, and there are usually other patches that show the person’s name, grade, or certification level. Some people, firefighters or not, take collecting patches from the fire department as a hobby. A simple look at Instagram, Pinterest and other social networking sites will reveal how many people insist on using patches for emotional purposes.
Collectors are usually former firefighters or friends or family who have EMS employees, but some people like to collect patches just because they are cool. Fire department patch design is truly limitless. Every year thousands of brands request us to create these wonderful patches and we have seen some of the most creative patch designs. We’re always happy to see the crazy, over-the-top designs some radio stations come up with. If you are designing your own fire department patch, be sure to design something that reflects the personality of your station. After all, who knows? Maybe it is a shining star in someone’s collection!
There are many benefits to personalizing and embroidering your equipment. When your device is mixed with a large group of people, it is easy to lose things or accidentally remove things that do not belong to you. Having custom gear, such as embroidered firefighter wool, can solve this problem.
Plus, embroidery is a great way to support local firefighters or personalized gifts! Tons of options when it comes to customization, the options are truly endless. The embroidery supported at VizApparel includes hats, shirts, jackets, hoodies and more! Our embroidered firefighter clothing bag also allows you to easily store all your belongings in one place. Our in-house embroidery team is the best in the industry. We can use specific names, logos, and other options to make your team truly personal. The process usually takes 5-7 days, depending on the order, and will be shipped quickly after completion.
The seams of our embroidered firefighter wool or any other work look great and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Our promise to you as we truly value all customers. This is why we guarantee that all our products look and feel the same as described on the website. You might just need the custom firefighter embroidered patches or the uniforms or your town is celebrating the firefighter memorial weekend – we got it all covered with swift delivery. We believe that you will be completely satisfied with our products, and we are happy to answer any questions you have through the contact page of our website.

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