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Letterman Jacket – Four Cool-for-School Styles to Wear

Letterman jacket is never out of trend. Famous with the name of a baseball jacket, it is one of the coolest jackets you can wear anytime, especially on sports day. When compared with a bomber jacket, it always stays a step ahead. Traditional styles in a custom letterman jacket feature two or more contrasting colors, a collarless body, wool and buttons, and leather sleeves. This blog will walk you through some cool styles in which you can wear the letterman jacket to look different.


What is a Letterman jacket? – A short history of the Letterman jacket


If you are not completely aware of this apparel, here is a slight history. Back in 1865, the coach of Harvard University’s baseball team decided to recognize his main players by emblazoning a large letter ‘H’ on their woolen sweaters, and thus the varsity jacket was born. This wearing status symbol, called ‘the letterman,’ was later adopted by the university’s football team. The Custom varsity jacket or sweater quickly became very common in college campuses across the country, with institutions proudly identifying both their finest male and female athletes with their distinguished letter jackets.


How to wear a Letterman jacket?


Since the London Olympics (2012), the distance between the runway and the running track has shrunk. Because of the ongoing rise of sports luxe aesthetics, sportswear is no longer regarded as a negative word in the world of menswear. The concept of sportswear in the modern design world is based on sport-inspired cuts, shapes, and fabrics. Thus, a Leather letterman jacket can also help the class if you are a sportsman. Below are some tips regarding how to wear a varsity jacket.

  • Sophisticated Look

If you like sophisticated and refined styling, go to the gentlemanly side of the sports split and pair your clean-cut Vintage letterman jacket with cricket whites and preppy polo attire. Every season, American institutions like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Bastian, and, of course, Ralph Lauren nail this type of look, offering the perfect line of inspiration. To recreate the look, you can pair a varsity jacket with a pastel shirt, finely cut shorts, and boat shoes for a luxurious twist in college fashion. You can also add Letterman jacket patches to jazz it up.

  • Casual Look

In case you want a more casual style or a more relaxed approach to trends, complement your Girls’ varsity jacket suit with other sports-inspired pieces. Keep a slim fit and match it with premium suede trainers for the perfect combination of high fashion and functionality. On the other hand, skinny navy blue jeans, sweatshirts, and loafers won’t disappoint as well.


What to wear with a Letterman jacket?

Here are a few tips regarding what to wear with your varsity jacket. You can also order quality Leather varsity jackets online.


  • Varsity Jacket With With Dark Hues

If you want to make a statement with your outfit, choose bright colors, such as a navy blue and yellow or a red and black varsity jacket. When one element of your dress is a dark hue, the other must be a light shade. This is a fun way to add a quirky touch to your letterman jacket, whether it is a women’s or Men’s letterman jacket.

  • Varsity Jacket With White Hoodie

When you need to feel confident in your clothing, a black and blue letterman jacket with a white hoodie and a pair of blue skinny jeans is a go-to. It is a tried and true combo that is also easy to style. Wearing white sneakers will tie the outfit together, or you can be daring and wear black loafers. You can jazz things up with shiny accessories.

  • Denim Varsity Jacket With Cargo Pants

For those who are fashion-conscious and will not be satisfied with a casual yet comfortable outfit, here is a pair of two for you: a Denim varsity jacket paired with cargo pants. This combination will make you look fashionable in a flash. You can also add sunglasses to mix the look and sprinkle some sophistication over it.

  • Classic Letterman

A varsity-style jacket can help you achieve a timeless look. So, why not wear a letterman-style blazer and black pants? These two pieces compliment each other perfectly and offer a refined touch. If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of sophistication to your letterman jacket outfits, we recommend going with brown boots.

Take-home message


Letterman/ Varsity jackets barely go out of style. You can always wear them, as they work for both; formal and informal functions.

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