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How to Wear a Polo Shirt for Striking Look – Tips to Learn

Polo shirts are very common among people. It can be worn at informal meetings as well as parties, providing them with multiple options. Many polo lovers use this tee-shirt in every format of life. It makes people feel light and comfortable with a differently attractive look.

Commercial activities are also carried out via polo shirts. Many companies provide Custom Polo Shirts with Logo for people who want to represent their organizations.

What is Polo Shirt?

A polo shirt is a top with short sleeves, two to three buttons, and a placket neckline. These shirts never fail in quality. People prefer wearing it while playing tennis, golf and as uniforms in different firms. It has also become a wardrobe staple with time.

Where did it come from?

The history of polo shirt dates back to the 19th century. Polo players used to wear them in India and Great Britain. Since then, polo shirts have made their place in the fashion industry. Every year, millions of screen printed polo shirts are sold worldwide.

In the early 2000s, it was trending to a height that men wore it everywhere from offices to parties. Women also wore polo tees but with a popped collar, embracing a preppy look.

How to Style Polo Shirts

There are different types of polo shirts with different ways of styling. You can count on them like Custom embroidered polo shirts, teal polo shirts, coach polo shirts, dri fit polo shirts, and the list goes on.

Below, we have compiled the most popular types of polo shirts and the ways to style them for an awe-striking look.

Custom Polo Shirts as Uniforms

As we mentioned earlier, polo shirts are used as uniforms in different situations. Companies and educational institutes use them by printing a logo on the chest. They use customize polo shirts to represent their firm.

It is not a big deal to get a polo shirt customized. There are many manufacturers available in the market who can provide you with customized polo shirts. Size, design, logo, and everything will be according to your plan. People are also preferring customized polo shirts personally for their routine wear.

Teal Polo Shirts with Dark Pants

Teal color is the coolest one among boys and girls. You can wear it anywhere for a unique and sober look. Teal polo shirts are highly attractive as they encompass all the standards. They are formal, casual, and stylish at the same time. People usually wear them in summers as the color is cool and light.

It is better to wear these shirts with dark pants. The combination of dark pants and light shirts has never failed to impress. Therefore, you should follow the lead for a striking look.

Coach Polo Shirts with Black Pants

You can also steal the show with coach polo shirts. Apparently, these shirts are plain white in color. People who train teams in sports wear them for a separate identity.  You are not bound to it. People usually wear it in streets and offices as well.

A Polo Uniform shirt looks better when tucked in black pants. It is used as formal wear in the USA. It is comfortable, cool, and formal which makes it a big YES for people who are confused regarding what to wear.

Men’s Polo Shirts with Pockets

Polo shirts have already been declared as gentlemen’s wear. You will see mostly men, wearing it with decent pants for a formal look. They prefer shirts with pockets as it completes that formal attire and makes them look dapper.

These shirts are highly in demand as the upper chest pocket provides a decent look. In most cases, you will see students and professionals wearing such shirts. Thus, you can style polo shirts with pockets as well to ace the look. Pants here depend on the color of the shirt.

Some Tips to Ponder

Before the closure, we will like to add some more tips about polo shirts that can help in acing the looks.

  • For a polished look, keep your buttons closed.
  • The fitting should neither be too tight nor be too loose.
  • Never take the color choice lightly. Prefer wearing tonal polo shirts for striking looks.


These were the few tips that can help you in styling different polo shirts. We hope you found this blog insightful and from here you will carry a better fashion sense.

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