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How to Wash A Hoodie Without Shrinking – Easy Steps

Hoodies will never go out of style. There are hundreds of alternatives for a simple hooded sweatshirt, but when it comes to Custom printed hoodies and keeping them from shrinking, everyone starts scratching heads with confusion. There is never a simple solution. Each fabric has different washing requirements.

When it comes to hoodies, the topic gets more complex. While washing hoodies, one can address many concerns such as how to wash them without pilling, how to wash Custom embroidery hoodies, or how to wash a pullover hoodie.

Think about the last time you bought a brand new hoodie that fit flawlessly but shrank dramatically after washing. Sweatshirts frequently shrink to the point where they are unwearable. This is inconvenient, especially if you are purchasing pricey sweatshirts. No one would want his hard-earned money to go in vain. Even if you are the seller who offers Cut and sew hoodies, still you would want to learn some tips that would keep the hoodie from shrinking.

How to Wash a Hoodie without Shrinking?

We are providing you with some easy steps that can help you in washing a hoodie without shrinking.

Step 1 – Checking the Tag

The majority of the cotton-blend hoodies can be machine washed. But on the other hand, wool keeps different rules. If the hoodie is made up of wool, it will get ruined when washed in a machine. You need to dry clean it in that case. All these details about the nature of the fabric are mentioned on the tag. It does not matter if it is cut and sew hoodies or Printed hoodies, make sure to give it a read before washing it.

Step 2 – Check out the color

Sort your sweatshirt by color to avoid unpleasant shocks while washing Women’s pullover hoodies. Similar colors may go together in a washer, but dissimilar colors should be handled with caution. Cotton sweatshirts, in particular, bleed excessively, and this may ruin your entire hoodie collection at once. Your stylish hoodies will be discarded as no one wants to keep the clutter. Even High quality custom hoodies can fail here.

Step 3 – Choose the Detergent Wisely

The chemicals in detergents are too potent. You have to be clever here. They keep the tendency to shrink your hoodies, so always use mild detergents. They will do everything they can to retain the form of your hoodies. Custom Hoodies for business are mostly prone to harmful detergents. Harsh chemicals may also wreak havoc on the hues of your sweater. That is why many people prefer to use color-preserving detergent, but be vigilant when choosing one because it may also cause shrinking.

Step 4 – Zip the Zipper – Turn Inside Out

Don’t forget to zip the zipper and turn it inside out before washing, especially if it is a Cut and sew Hoodies. It will help in prevention from catching other items of clothes in the machine. Turning the hoodie inside out cleans the interior of clothes and protects the finishing or embroidery done outside the hoodie.


Step 5 – Wash it with Cold Water

If you want to increase the life of your Custom made hoodies wash them with cold water. A mild detergent will be gentle on the material and this cold water will keep it from shrinking. Using hot water can land your hoodie in hot waters, we mean it can shrink to the stage that it will become unwearable. Moreover, it is better to use a delicate cycle on the washing machine.

Step 6 – Dry Naturally

It’s not that you are bound not to machine dry your hoodies, but it’s not suggested as well. The major reason behind it is that it has been found that tumble drying or machine drying causes additional shrinking. Thus, it is better to hang them in the open air so they can dry naturally after the wash. Most of the Custom hoodie printing is done with a light hand, and upon drying in machines; designs get waved. So, try to save the designs and colors, and always dry your hoodies naturally.

Safety precaution during washing a hoodie

Here are some more tips and safety precautions for you to remember while washing a hoodie.

  • Keep laundry materials, especially liquid laundry sachets, out of the reach of kids and dogs.
  • Remember to keep items in sealed containers with the original label intact and to store them promptly after use in a safe place.
  • Children are naturally inquisitive and like exploring all of the new things they discover in their surroundings. Keep laundry products out of the reach of small children.

    We hope you found this blog insightful and by following these easy steps and safety precautions, you will be able to wash your hoodies and they will not shrink.



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