Fashion brand: it’s a perfect blend of art & balanced commerce.

Whenever it comes to apparel manufacturing, Viz Apparel services tops the list. Not just in USA, we dominate so many other regions like UK, Canada, Mexico, and Australia in the business. Our work has let us be a brand recognition part for almost 11000+ brands in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and more. What makes us different? Viz Apparel can help you manufacture the product that our competitions don’t support. This is why we are the highlights of trusted custom apparel manufacturing service. How we measure our success – it’s nothing but when we are asked again and again for different products manufacturing. Customer retention every month is our goal.

Over the past many years we have helped & examined so many infant clothing brands gain a nationwide and global recognition and it’s damn exceptional to be a part of their journey. This is why here we are combining our experience sum-up to get help the young start-ups find their own clothing line spirit.

You have landed on this page so it definitely means you are interested in the same. You might have an eye for a latest trend or an upcoming one, or maybe you are coming for your own clothing style for a specific age group, maybe a merchandise for a good cause. Launch your own sustainable brand just by following your instincts and some professional ‘from the experience’, we have combined for you.

Starting a clothing line is easy, managing it is slightly difficult while setting a market standard is goal.

The first thing a person do who aims for starting a clothing line always kick-start with a lot of research; in-house or on-internet for custom clothing manufacturing process, prices, fabric and more. This often leads to getting exhaust – you’ll be overwhelmed by all the details, budgets, merchants, techpack, fabric, tools, and mostly manufacturing process and its types. All these steps are indeed necessary for successful brand execution.

It’s okay – there is nothing to be worry about as ‘nothing worth having, comes easy’. The best part is that you have already landed on this page, and you must know that all your manufacturing troubles are over. You will contact us in your free time and easily we’ll guide you for the whole process and for the services and packages that comes in your best interest. A successful brand launch is all about successful steps measures knowledge. Just put in a little effort and you are there.

So, if you are motivated enough to press play on your dream clothing line, there here are few steps that you need to follow for it. Luckily, if you are already there, Awesome – then this comprehensive guide will serve as a checklist.

Step 1: Target Market or Demographic Analysis (Be-Patient You’ll Get Through It)

You do realize that you can’t ignore the mind-set of the people around you. This generation is living a different style; the world is full of thriving creative individual. Remember the key to win a trend and recognition is to understand the consumer need and buying behavior. Your style might be different, but product is the same. And of course, you aren’t the only one in line to such start-up or thinking to put your brand stamp on clothes in fashion industry. Here what can help you set the best foot in the market is identifying your target market. This is the most important step even before designing. Ask yourself some basic questions;

What is the range of your ideal customer? – identifying this will help you figure out all the ongoing trends in clothes for the specific age groups.

What are the loopholes or missing factors and the voids you are going to fit-in? – remember there are some big daddies that already exist in the market so introducing the same range will not help you earn the initial recognition. Design your own swimwear line with neon colors or trendy design, your choice.

How can you improve the current trend of the market? – After the recent pandemic, wearing of masks become important and essential. So many brands launched their own customized mask. Then thinking a little extra, a brand launched N96 covering as those masks can’t be customized. Also, it is also very important that you don’t go overboard while planning something new- as sometimes that badly fails too.

Remember that thinking extra and thinking different has a huge difference.

If you want to hone in on your brand amazing product launch, do a research of market and customer type. Maybe a flattering swimwear type for all shapes isn’t done right in the market or maybe you can introduce some pieces that aren’t there in the market already. What is there and what is missing is an important aspect of your market research. Identifying your audience range & category will help you identify your budget too. Construction and the look of the design is also sorted. Set your clothing line standards following their standards – living in an Asian country you can’t focus way too much on winter clothing style.

Step 2: Cost Analysis (Don’t Rush – Take It Easy)

Identifying your audience range & category will help you identify your budget too. Construction and the look of the design is also sorted. Also your next goal is to plan your product within reasonable prices. Prepare a product that is new but also appealing to the bank of customers. For example, if you are targeting an age group of 15years to 20years – is it a feasible option to introduce a crystal encrusted party wear. Come up with designs that are less cost prohibitive.Also you have to reasonable with your own budget too. You can’t think to go for a bling rough spending. See what is reasonable and can drive enough profit from your investment. Don’t disturb the budget in excitement.

Step 3: A Detailed Business Model

Building any brand a successful business is a journey – its foundation is based on a successful business model. No – you don’t have to be a business tycoon to draft your clothing brand business plan. Just put in some efforts to jot down everything; mainly your short term and long term goal. It will cover multiple aspects, your business framework, fashion venture, business partners, and future employees/needed craftsman you need, vision or mission statement, company overall summary, what’s new in your brand and other relevant think. One thing you can focus on here is how you can make your service cost-friendly as compare to your competitors. A full financial breakdown is very important to make sure that your investors, if any, have full understanding of your budget analysis. Include your overall budget and itemize the cost of every item. Check how much it costs for a custom clothing manufacturing from different places and similarly search for other options that requires huge investment.

Then you will shift to target market/target demographics, business strategy, and seasons of your brand, product marketing, potential opposition, goals and expansion opportunities. Refine & reconfigure until you successfully achieve your budget best fit. It’s in your best interest too as it will help you calculate your profit margins.

Create a trail – identify the profit you need to make each month to smoothly cover your monthly expenses. Here patience is the key as while you are just starting, you might be missing on some huge profits but you will get there gradually. If you are consistent in your work and your marketing is on point – then profit increased will slowly follow.

Ohh We Forgot! Have You Decided Your Business Name Yet?

If you don’t already have decided your representative business name, then immediately pick one. It’s a very important dose as will be required for official proceedings. All the procedures are more organized and legally sound when you complete them officially with your name. Tax filling, deduction claims, and so much more will all fall into place and most importantly, it will help your potential customer identify your brand. Secure your name on domains and for social media presence as well – it’s good for the long run.

Step 4: Its High Time To Design Your Fashion Line

You might have full creative ideas in mind, it’s high time you design your entire clothing line initial pieces, as you never know what future selling option holds. This also lets you decide what type of manufacturing option you want to go. You can have a very detailed or minimalistic design approach. Your customized pattern will then turn into clothing. Have a little knowledge of tech packs as well here. It will help your designer show a manufacturer exactly how a piece of clothing should be. So you must know about it. Every relevant information such as types of stitches, patterns, sizes, label information, fabric type is also included and it does provide ease in the communication process.

Step 5: Decide On Your Manufacturing Process

Your design sense & clothing style will help you choose the perfect manufacturing option. You can either go for a print-on-demand, label clothing line, and a custom cut and sew clothing line. Then based on it, you can find the US most trust custom apparel manufacturing service for such type. The analysis of cost and procedure will be sorted easily.

Step 6: Choose A Manufacturer For Your Clothing Line

Manufacturer is the most important step towards a successful clothing line.

It’s rightly said that your clothing line must have a very trusted partner so go for a high quality clothing manufacturer or else your products will most likely to fail. The reason is a trusted manufacturing partner will provide you with the best fabric, service facilities, best MOQ standards, shipment, prices, packages and more. Make sure you choose the service that supports start-up as well so you know they will be with you in a long run. It’s important that you find an affordable clothing manufacturer like VizApparel, so you don’t have to afford an expensive option so much.

Step 7: Clothing Line Production

So you have decided everything now for your high quality custom clothing style and it’s high time that you step onto something big – the clothing line production. Your partnered clothing manufacturer, factory, you have your designs ready and your team – you are all set to go so don’t delay it any further.

Step 8: Launch Your Store

Okay here comes the basic question that you might have decided earlier – are you going to have a store online or physical? This also depends on your budget and if you have a good local store available in position where majority of your customers can visit you.

If you choosing an online option then you must know that your website must be active and sound. It’s the sole representative of your work and hence it must look very professional. You can hire a developer for some time if you need. You can also consider the options for Shopify or others. Keep it in mind that your website is representing you in the digital world. So it must be easy to navigate & efficiently arranged. Your online store is massive and plays a huge deal when it comes to representing your brand as it will be the first thing your potential customers will approach or see when they search for you online. Your online hosted domain is more likely to have most average daily visitors then your store.

Step 9: Digital Marketing

Establish the best online presence if you want to enhance your brand awareness. It’s important that people have multiple ways to reach you. Create your presence utilizing handles on different platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Here Pinterest is also a really good option, as it gives you the access to the global shop online.

Create a posting calendar and update your page daily. Not just this, it is also highly recommended that you post articles on different third party platforms and start a blog post.

Providing consumer knowledge about your industry and work type is an indirect way to generate a lead.

So digital media marketing is a total rock and roll when you have the best strategies to put in your social marketing. If you have access and budget – then with paid social marketing you can also go for traditional marketing.

Here we are summing up all the points that we think are highly important in starting a clothing line.

For start-ups, so many brands in US have trusted Viz Apparel as their custom apparel manufacturing partner. As we have mentioned before there are so many brands in US and globally who are our regular partners and are very happy with the services we provide. Visit the website further for service details and come on a live chat with us for the best prices and packages. Contact us at or +1 972 994 6803