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Why VizApparel Embroidery Digitizing?

6 Year Of Excellence In The Apparel Industry.

Over the past few years we have helped almost 11000+ global brands, mainly of US, and they never complained about our procedure or product quality. Through our digital embroidery or embroidery patches we enhance the life of your art or brand label. The other features that follow are

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We Digitized Everything That Run On Your Machine!

Best Embroidery Digitizing Services

Want to get the perfect machine embroidery digitizing service done within a short time frame –our experts have the utmost efficiency to do the job.

Custom Digitizing

A product custom embroidery digitizing services are based on customer specifications. Our designers are highly marveled in their dedicated jobs and know what type of designs are on demands. Later the products are created from the designs if demanded.

Logo Digitizing

This is a perfect way to attach logos to people mind as it becomes visually accessible when they are attached on clothes embroidered. It can be done as applique or as 3D puff designs. This highlights even the tiny part of every design.

Towel Digitizing

Towels can be nicely fit for branding as they have been in market for centuries. Customization with logo embroidery will add an aesthetic look to the product. Rayon thread, polyester, solvy and tear-away backing is utilized in the process.

Jacket Back Digitizing

A very high presentable form of wide range logo. There are total forty-five thousand to one hundred and fifty stiches are required in jacket back logo. Required a proper redraw and a real image is stretched or either compressed over 20%.

Left Chest Digitizing

This counts for a very professional service of digitizing as it appears very professional for a brand. It is also the most popular form of digitizing. It is the best way to make your brand logo appear more visible. Our best embroidery digitizing company in US are bringing your best design ideas live.

Puff Digitizing

Puff Digitizing or 3D puff embroidery designs can be utilized for overall design or with traditional embroidery to enhance level and definitions within the design. This technique focuses on few elements to puff out in the finalize design. It started out with caps and sports based products and later utilized for all other type of clothes and accessories.

Sleeves Digitizing

Sleeves embroidery is here to stay for brands their official wears. It is used for different types of embroidery such as chenille, sequins and puff to add a very artistic touch to the garment. It is also on the top for different designer labels globally.

Vector Art Options For You

Need the perfect logo or any image design converted into perfect vector graphics? You can count on us!

Custom Vector

You want your vectors design with precision and ultimate perfection done from the scratch? VizApparel designers are on job to the needful for any custom, simple, handmade or digital design.

Color Separation

Our experts can split any of your digital artwork or image in two colors or more. This service counts for color process, simulated color process, spot color and index color.

Silhouette Art

A very old-rooted one tone design that can add aesthetic look to a design. It is overall an outline or a sharp shadow of an object, animal, person or scene.

Graphic Designs

Want to have best visuals to communicate your brand message? Or just need help in your clothing re-branding? We got it all covered.

JPG To Vector

Want to convert any of your exact JPG design format into phenomenal vector art? Our professional can do the job within the next 48 hours! We can do the minor amendments too in the design.

Logo Vector

Logos are the real brand ambassadors, goes right with your apparel design. So choosing a vector design instead of raster design will be perfect as it can be enlarged without losing the quality.