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VizApparel custom services is your next big chance to make your fashion line stand out. Avail our manufacturing & design solutions for custom denim and jeans in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico and more.

What You Get Here

12 Step Quality Check

These steps are ensure to check the products quality thoroughly once they are ready for packaging. You get customized options for packaging, trims, and consultations to make your own denim pants and fashion wear and receive updates as suitable to your needs.

Denim Mechanical Washing

Washing is carried out on denim fabrics to produce various effects. Our mechanical washing offers includes rinse wash, water jet fading, stonewash, whiskering, microsanding, abrasion & laser treatment.

Denim Chemical Washing

The effects created from chemical washing are ever-changing fashion. The chemical washing we support are acid wash, bleach wash, enzyme wash, ozone fading, spray techniques, overdyeing & tinting.

Specialized Fabrics

When we are chosen by our customers they are assured of quality, highly customized & timely delivery of all denim products. We have specialized staff & technology available to knit specialized fabrics.


Introducing Your All 12 Types Of Denim Fabric

100% cotton Denim

This is a normal denim form and can be treated in multiple ways to create different types of style mentioned below. 100% denim is durable & versatile. This product is also hard to wear.

Raw denim

Raw denim is not washed after dyeing so that fabric becomes soft & shrinkage is eliminated. It has an even look & desired looks are obtained on this fabric through fading & stress. It is rewashed before sewing or wearing.

Sanforized Denim

Sanforized denim fabric is processed and doesn’t shrink after wash. This is the modern denim fabric and mostly denim, other than raw is Sanforized. The material is soft but also very less durable, and can be personalized up to very limited extent.

Colored denim

The colored denims are categorized into two – first is the blue and all the close colors to it which are obtained through indigo dying. Then other colors like grey, pink, black, mustard, red green, and black which are obtained through sulfur dying.

Stretch denim

Cotton is mixed with spandex to produce such type of denim. It is way more stretchable is normally used in form fitting products like skinny jeans. Customize your own jeans style suiting your state fashion sense. Its stretch ability depends on the percentage of elastane use in it.

Selvedge Denim
This denim type is usually orange or red in color, has edges with band. It is also called a self-edge denim. This denim is popularly believed to be of better quality then other denim. They are utilized for jacket production.
Crushed Denim

These denims is weaved/treated, contains a permanently wrinkled appearance, making it suitable for jackets & skirts. The fabric is washed to enhance the effect as it shrinks.

Waxed reverse Denim

These types of products are made water resistant through wax coating. Outdoor accessories like bags are usually created through this. Denim is finished with a coating that resembles wax.

Acid wash Denim

Acid wash denim are also called marble denim, has a mottled appearance, achieved through pumice stone soaked in Chlorine. The color fades due to abrasion and a contrast with indigo color is created. Its then rinsed, softened and dried.

Poly Denim

These types are manufactured blending cotton, polyester and other artificial fibers like lyocell & nylon. There are some considerations that is not real denim. The final product is very soft & easy and stretches up to some extent.

Ecru Denim

This an undyed denim, carries a color of natural hue of cotton. Ecru denims aren’t dyed with the Indigo color. These types are really hard to find.

Bull Denim

It contains a 3*1 twill construction and this is why have a very sturdy and tough appearance – but definitely not as canvas tough. This form of denim is although very durable but heavy. It isn’t mostly used for clothing but upholster and home decor.

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Experienced Staff & Top Of The Line Machine Technology Let Us Design, Manufacture & Deliver Up To 10,000 Products To Their Final Destinations. The Service For US Retailers & Private Label Brands. Supporting The Minimum Order Quantity Of 30 Pieces At A Time.

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