All You Need to Know About Different Methods Printing on T-shirts

All You Need to Know About Different Methods Printing on T-shirts

T-shirts printing is becoming a huge business as people now prefer to wear what they love. Everything is according to their choice. The business of customization is increasing and people are making fortunes. You can also find many affordable screen printing services. There is no doubt on the point that you need to print in different designs depending on your taste. Therefore, you need to decide which T-shirt printing method or T-shirt printing type to use. First of all, different methods of printing on T-shirts have different efficiencies, so one method can print 10 T-shirts, but it is of little use when printing 100 T-shirts. Again, each method is suitable for certain substances, but not at all for other substances. Before deciding which printing method to use, it is important to consider the number of colors in each shirt designed. Not all methods can create multicolored designs at the same time. There are many US based clothing manufacturers and each of them uses different printing styles. Another reason to choose a printing process is these facts that you will need to have different budgets for different techniques. You can start a vinyl transfer with less capital, but you’ll need a fair amount of cash to start a screen printing or DTG business. VizApparel provides the best screen printing services in USA.

Types of printing on apparel

Let’s dive deep into the techniques, but keep in mind that affordable screen printing services are available online.

Screen Printing

The method we are talking about is also known as silk printing or screen printing, is probably the method preferred by professionals because it gives excellent results in terms of quality. Nylon fabric and stencil are required to create screen prints. During setup, the nylon mesh keeps the stencil in place and the waterproof material blocks the negative space you want to design. Many US-based clothing manufacturers use the screen printing method. After that, you often use a squeegee to spread the ink across the screen. Negative spaces that allow ink to pass through allow you to print the designs. Finally, you have to remove the screen and let the design dry and harden. Screen printing services are one of the oldest ways to print on T-shirts, but it continues to be one of the most popular ways to produce vibrant and long-lasting designs. To print a multicolor design, you need to create different screens because each screen only supports one color. This may seem time-consuming, but unlike other methods of using templates for one design, each screen can be used many times, making screen printing efficient and suitable for jobs. However, this process is still not recommended if you are preparing a variety of complex multicolor designs. When doing bulk printing, mainly working with similar designs. Pick vizapparel screen printing services if you are looking to hire one.

Direct to Garments (DTG)

The T-shirt and apparel printing are this DTG. It is another method that is popular with professionals related to the printing industry. It works like printing on paper in the office and requires an ink and textile printer to use this method. Similar to printing on paper, when you download (or create) designs to your computer and feed them into your printer, those designs are placed on your T-shirt. The only difference from printing on paper is the use of cloth instead of paper. Do you want to print a very complex design? This method is the best shot. Computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop allow you to define details and transfer them to your T-shirt with high precision via a printer. The ink used here is thin, so no extra thick layers are created. If you choose the DTG, you need to make sure that the printer is of high quality. This is because if you are using a low-quality printer, you may get low-resolution prints with unsightly dot patterns.

Dye Sublimation

Digital screen printing is the future! If you’ve seen hugely designed T-shirts scattered all over, it’s probably printed with the sublimation method. This method is suitable for lightweight fabrics, especially when printing large designs. Sublimation of dyes is expensive to manufacture, but the resulting high-resolution design looks very clear and satisfies the customer. If you need to create a great design for your polyester T-shirt, Dye Sublimation is the process to pick. But don’t get me wrong with bringing a cotton T-shirt. The design can be terrible that way. This technique basically uses a special liquid color that dries and solidifies when in contact with a material such as polyester. Some heat and pressure must be applied for sublimation to function properly. But the biggest advantage of this approach is that it creates a design that is not only cute but also long-lasting. In fact, it’s as if the ink was part of the fabric ideal for high-quality, professional results. If you are looking for the best screen printing services in the USA, pick VizApparel.

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